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Privacy Policy

At Unite for Literacy we care very much about your privacy, and particularly the safety and development of your children. As creators of digital solutions for children, we are upfront about what our solutions contain, so you are not surprised.

Social Media Integration

We do allow you and your children to share books via popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We will not help children setup accounts for those services, though.


To ensure our books are free for you and your children forever, we solicit sponsors within your community to help offset our publishing and operational costs. Names of these sponsors may be shown opposite the book cover and title page so that we can make you aware of the supporters in your community. The sponsor's names are not clickable, so your children will not accidentally be sent away from our site and to a sponsor's site.

Data Collection with general use

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you or your children. (note: if you purchase books or sponsorships on our site, please see the Data Collection information for purchasers). We do collect anonymous usage statistics to help us improve our solution. Since sponsorship is the key method we use to provide free books for your children and all children in your community, we do ask for your location (reading community), when you first visit the library so that we can show you the correct sponsors in your community. In the US we define communities by counties, so the only information we store is your county. We do not ask for or store your name, street address or similar information.

Why collect any information at all?

Anonymous usage statistics, also called analytics, help us constantly improve the solution. If we had no analytics, we would have no idea if anyone was reading our books, if they were getting stuck on certain pages or if they experienced crashes or other problems.

What kinds of information?
  • Most importantly, WE DO NOT COLLECT personally identifiable information. So not your phone number, email address, or photos. Any usage statistics are anonymous and there is no account signup process in our solution.
  • We do store what device you are using, including which version of the operating system and which browser you are using.
  • Your county and country, to help us choose which sponsors to show and to determine which languages we may want to add in the future.
  • Crash reports, telling us if the solution crashed and what the problem might be.
  • How long the site was used for, how many times books have been read, which languages are being listened to.
  • Which books and languages are most popular.
Sharing your information

If you choose to sign up for a mailing list provided by one of our partners, we will provide them your name and email address. Otherwise, Unite for Literacy does not share your personally identifiable information with anyone.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@uniteforliteracy.com

Last updated: March 24, 2016